South Luangwa Walking Safari


Norman Carr pioneered through the park during the 1950s and his legacy is observed through variety of walking safaris in the area.
South Luangwa’s main gate is 700km from Lusaka approximately a 10 hour drive, not recommended. However a flight is possible to Mfuwe International Airport.
  • 1 night Mfuwe Lodge
  • 2 nights Kapamba Bushcamp
  • 2 nights Bilumungwe Bushcamp
  • 2 nights Kuyenda Bushcamp
  • 1 night Mfuwe lodge

Mfuwe Lodge:
Award-winning safari lodge set in the most prolific game area of the South Luangwa. The perfect place to enjoy excellent game viewing, recharge your batteries, or to start and finish your journey to our Bushcamps.

Kapamba Bushcamp:
A remote and romantic camp situated in a prime location on the Kapamba River, and one of only two Bushcamps to be open from April to January - the other being Zungulila.

Bilimungwe Bushcamp:
Warm and welcoming, this beautiful camp blends seamlessly with its surroundings and offers unrivalled wildlife viewings.

Kuyenda Bushcamp:
A charming and rustic camp that offers a true taste of the African bush.
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