Western Zambia Landscape

How to Sell Zambia: Western Zambia

About Western Zambia

Western Zambia is one of the less visited areas of Zambia; tourists seem to only know about the bigger national parks and tourist attractions in the country. However, Western Zambia is one of the most beautiful areas of Zambia and is home to Ngonye Falls as well as Liuwa Plain National Park. This area is a hidden gem that you don’t want your clients to miss out on!

Why is Western Zambia the best choice?

  • Liuwa Plain National Park has the second largest wildebeest migration in Africa, making it a sight your clients will never forget.
  • Western Zambia is defined by two of its rivers: the Zambezi River and the Kafue River.
  • The area is vastly “untouched”. It is sparsely populated, wild and untamed – giving your clients one of the most authentic African experiences.

There are two ways to experience Western Zambia:

  • Self-drive route: the Liuwa Plains have drivable access from Livingstone as well as from south of the Kafue National Park.
  • High-end luxury property: Liuwa Plains is home to the five-star King Lewanika Lodge which is the only permanent lodge in the park and boasts extravagance in all aspects. Your clients are able to fly into Liuwa Plains to stay at King Lewanika. The first flight is from Lusaka Airport to Kalabo Airport in Western Zambia and then they would take a 15 minute helicopter ride to the lodge.

What stage of your trip should you visit Western Zambia?

Our suggestion on the best way to experience the Western Zambia would be to visit it as part of a bigger trip rather than it being the only place to visit on your trip. The location of Liuwa Plains makes it the perfect add-on experience after either visiting Zimbabwe or Botswana since it’s close to the border of these countries. Liuwa Plains is also great to experience as an add-on adventure when visiting Livingstone as the drive is not too far.

When is the best time of year to visit Western Zambia?

The Liuwa Plains falls into the uncommon safari season in Zambia and therefore the best time to visit in terms of the weather as well as seeing the most game would be between November and July.

If you need any other information about Western Zambia, please feel free to contact us on DMC@voyagerszambia.com