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The town was founded in 1904, when the Victoria Falls Bridge was completed. It was named after David Livingstone and was 1911-1935 the capital of Northern Rhodesia.

Victoria Falls is the jewel in the crown of Zambia’s natural heritage and a must-see for many visitors. The Falls changes season to season, year to year, at its height usually in May the thundering cascade is an awe inspiring, soaking experience as curtains of spray are thrown high into the air and the full majesty of the falls can only be glimpsed occasionally as the veil of spray parts. Towards the end of the year in October through to December the Zambezi withdraws to the deeper channels exposing a vast rocky shelf of black basalt.

In Livingstone itself there are various eateries and retail establishments, the main point of interest is the Livingstone Museum founded in 1930 which contains archaeological and other exhibits.